Our mission is a wide-angle lens. Our scope takes in manufacturing, contract manufacturing & outsourcing, private labeling & design, raw material development & sales, wholesaling & drop-shipping, as well as traditional retailing.

Yes, we do a lot, but we do it well.

  • In manufacturing, we produce the tastiest juices.
  • In contract manufacturing, we are the reliable go-to guys.
  • In private labeling, we are the discreet leaders.
  • In wholesaling, we are the proven price and delivery specialists.
  • In retail, our customer service is considered the best.
  • Our raw materials meet and exceed industry standards.
  • We are cGMP, and our facility is open for inspection.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable, and determined to make your success our priority.

This is our mission.

Mountain Vapor® was formed early 2011 by Dennis Putnam, Jr., RPSGT and Coley Sellars, RRT. Dennis and Coley have over 50 years combined healthcare experience.

Dennis is a registered sleep technologist experienced with pulmonologists (lung doctors) and sleep apnea patients. He also is a certified smoking cessation specialist, with a background in EEG technology and respiratory therapy.

Coley is a registered respiratory therapist who owns a medical equipment company and works as an RT at Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC.