Nicotine. We have the cleanest nicotine in the world. Bold claim? Yes, and we invite you to sample the finest nicotine available today. Our nicotine contains the fewest total impurities and carcinogens. Take our “nicotine challenge” and discover how right this is, and why switching to our nicotine will improve your overall product tremendously.

Propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin. What’s your pleasure? Straight or blend? Our PG is USP grade and our VG is USP, organic and kosher, and we can formulate any ratio, which will conform to a certificate of analysis.

Wondering how we can claim the best? We scour the globe seeking out only the finest materials for our, and your, customers.

Competitive pricing on our high-grade nicotine. Lowest prices available for PG and VG of this quality.

Available from liters to drums.

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